I’ll miss you, Chester Bennington

chester bennington.JPGChester Bennington’s death is the loss of an incredibly talented artist, a man who inspired me to live my dreams, fight my battles and never give up. I always thought Chester won his battles and found peace. I guess I was wrong.

>> The reminders pull the floor from your feet
In the kitchen one more chair than you need
Who cares if one more light goes out?
I do <<

Since it’s been all over the news, most will have heard that Chester Bennington, front man of Linkin Park, former singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Dead by Sunrise and Grey Daze, committed suicide. Usually I wouldn’t write about the death of someone I didn’t know personally. But this is different. To me, Chester is what Kurt Cobain was for a whole generation in the 90s. Chester was my hero, my icon and idol, my moral compass and his music saved me in my youth.

Chester Bennnington goodbye #ripchester

Yes, I am a big Linkin Park fan, not just because of Chester, but he was a crucial part of the band. I saw them at eight shows and met the band three times – each time was magical. Realizing that Chester is gone, I have to say goodbye to the possibility of ever seeing them live again. Or to meet them and shake their hands again. To ever hearing a new Linkin Park song for the first time.

>> I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream <<

I was never this shocked by news of a dead celebrity because none of them ever felt that close to me. It is different this time because he was an important person to me even if I didn’t know him. Even when I was younger and didn’t really understand the lyrics, I knew why Chester was screaming. It felt as if I felt his pain.

zitat chester

To a Linkin Park fan, hearing about Chester’s issues with alcohol, drugs, abuse and depression isn’t news. But I thought that Chester fought his battles and won. I thought the music wasn’t filled with anger anymore because he wasn’t. I thought the music became calmer because he was. Even tough Chester allegedly didn’t leave a suicide note, the lyrics speak volumes.

>> When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest <<

Chester, I wish you would have seen that there are other ways. I wish you’d quit music if it became too stressful, and just moved on. After all you’ve been through, I hoped you’d found a way to move forward. I wish you’d found your happy place. If I had to summarize all the music you’ve ever created I’d say it’s about fighting your personal battles. To stand up after being beaten down. And that it’s okay to be sad and angry when life sucks. I didn’t realize how personal the lyrics you wrote probably were. In the end, it doesn’t even matter? Sorry, Chester, but you were wrong.

I hope you found your peace. I hope you rest in rock heaven with Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain. You will be missed.

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16 thoughts on “I’ll miss you, Chester Bennington

    1. It truly was shocking and I still don’t fel as if I truly realized he will never be again. With a musician it’s common that you don’t hear about them everyday but now we won’t ever again hear from him.
      Of course man, great article you put up!

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      1. I think what made it more raw for me was being at their last ever gig… I hadn’t really listened to them all that recently, but being at that gig was awesome and a pure nostalgia trip… To then find out that, two weeks later, he was gone… Man, what an awful feeling. I keep thinking back to that gig and wondering “What was he thinking on stage? Was he truly happy in those moments, or did he always know what was waiting for him later on?”

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        1. Damn that’s tough. We will probably never know if he had this all planned out or not. Yeah and I will forever regret not going to their latest gig because life just was too stressful at the time. If I had known it’d be the last chance to see them..


  1. Spot on tribute to Bennington. There is no good in goodbye Here it is five days later and I still can’t believe it. I have tickets to the Blinkin Park concert that was to be held this Friday here in NYC.I’m looking at them even as I type this. I can’t make myself throw them away yet.

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    1. Just a side question, Do yo have an idea why those shows have been called ‘Blinkin Park’? Just curious. I understand what you’re feeling so well. I guess I would keep the tickets. It’s a nice reminder although it’s probably bittersweet…

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  2. Well said. I’m the same way when it comes to celebrity deaths, the don’t really have an impact on me. But this one did. Chester and his lyrics meant so much to millions, I just wish we could’ve done something to help him.

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    1. With Chester still being so young and it being a suicide it was just so tragic. Not to even mention that this band helped me so much in my young years and I still appreciated their music a lot. It’s so sad to know that there will never be a new song featuring Chester :/

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