We’re all best friends. Unless, of course, you’re fat – then you can’t sit with us

So, I recently joined the gym again. Need I say more?

It is probably no surprise for anyone that gay men, just like other men, have a standardized view on beauty. You could call it a ‘western’ view of beauty which includes a slender body and a muscular appearance. And while the gay community includes larger men like bears, the typical gay men wants to be fit and slim. Just look at this adorably hot pic of Ricky Martin and his chap on the beach.


I don’t wanna say that the gay community is superficial in general. But we kind of are. Aesthetics and sex appeal come before humour and intellect. And that’s okay for the first sight of a stranger. But if there is nothing to talk about, nothing interesting can evolve. 

I think it’s completely fine if you want to work out regularly, eat healthy and keep your body in shape and of course there are gay men who are not obsessed with their bodies. But what’s with all the body shaming lately? If you get your regular work out and look super-hot, be glad. Why do you also need to convince other people to be like you? Live and let live. Also, I am seeing first hand what gym obsessions can do to a person; it is covered pretty nicely here: Time to stop body shaming.
I actually like a lot of sports but I never find the time to practice them. Other things seem more important to me. And maybe I just don’t want to leave my house. I enjoy the occasional visit to the gym. Maybe I should visit the gym more often than my barber shop, but who cares?

I think it’s great that we all come in various shapes and sizes and that we’re all different. And of course, I wouldn’t say ‘No’ to a butt naked Ricky Martin. But I just wish for more (body-)diversity. For instance, this cute picture of Guillermo Diaz for Pinups magazine. Also check out this NSFW photo series by Adam Moco (relinked): Real Men 




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